The Question with No Answer, Anger

The reason we get angry, we rage is the question with one word “why?” Its because we don’t get the answers we want. The reason we get fall into the dark abyss called anger is simply because we don’t get an answer to why things happened the way it did. We can get angry at many people for instance the very person that has left us, or the doctor that attended him, even the  religious figure you might worship. And we ask ourselves questions like, why couldn’t  he look after himself?, Why didn’t the doctors do anything?, Why did God, take this person away?” But we don’t get any answers.

When the other person is gone we can’t help to question why things happened. This feeling of not knowing or having any reason of drives us mad, gets us really angry because we know subconsciously that it doesn’t matter what we do we still won’t get the answer we’re looking for. the best solution  is to focus on the good part, maybe the person you lost was sick… Now they wont have to suffer as much. by calming down which is said a lot more easier than done. the fact is that anger is inside of everyone and it looks for an excuse to pop up, Not that grieving for a loved one isn’t an excuse it just isn’t one to get angry. An example from EMB, Empowering moments blog. She writes about how we all feel anger at one point during grief and her personal experience, from driving people close to her away to loosing herself within the confinements of her once called home. She goes through the steps she took to finally step into the light.

In my personal experience Anger has never been a problem, because I know how to accept the reality of whats happening, However not every One knows how to accept their reality. I in my short years on this earth have lost a couple of my closest friends and family, and I’ve seen others torn apart by anger. Now  we have to keep in mind, we can never get rid of anger it like happiness, joy, and many other emotions are an important part that makes us whom we are. But if we can’t control our anger then we fall to rage a deeper darker pit.



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