“The First of Many Drops”

Their are five stages of grief, But today the only one I’m going to be focusing on denial. The first step in the five stages of grief can be the first of many drops in the pail of grief.We are in denial because we miss the person who is now gone. The fact that we are in denial isn’t just harmful towards the future you, but the people who are close to you.

Why are we even in denial?  Well I’ll tell you, We’re in denial because we miss the person who passed away that we don’t want to forget them, so we continue our lives as if nothing happened. Yvonne I. Wilson, the Blogger to EMP Shared her personal story through the loss of her mother and later on her sister. She explains what Grief is and whether or not we go through said “Stages of Grief”. Just  as Denial took along time for me to get over, it really depends on the person and their emotional stability. Being the first death I had to experience at an early age of seven, denial took a long time for me to get over This led to a mild dissociation – like effect, Which in turn pushed some of my closest friends and even family away. By pushing those close to you away your putting up a barrier, The only problem with this barrier is that sooner or later you will find yourself…Alone.

I think denial isn’t given the proper attention it deserves, mainly because its probably looked upon as “Oh everything is okay they aren’t really affected” so one can assume if you’re not showing any emotion and you’re not sulking around that your okay or that you’ve accepted this death. Denial is the first drop in the pail labeled grief because it is during this stage where you either start to distance yourself from the people that are close to you, Or you start to feel some sort of guilt for neglecting their death and this can lead to the second step. Denial, You can consider a credit card where you pay the cost now, But you get the bill later.

“A Pail Of Grief”

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