Easy way to deal with loss?

The easiest way to experience loss isn’t always the fastest. How do I define easy?, Well when I talk about the easiest way I’m essentially saying what is the fastest way we can go through, get over, and accept the death of a person you cared about. A loved one is hard to forget be it a mother, a father, a dear friend, or even your soul mate. Now when we lose that person we are often left with an emptiness, a yearning for that person, to interact with them once more. At this point in time we are experiencing a loss. but what is fast?, Everyone has a limit, a point where we finally accept that this person is gone, how quickly this happens can be entirely up-to us. But how we come to this point of acceptance is different for everyone, whether we choose to surround ourselves with, or enclose ourselves from friends and family can make our emotional suffering last longer that what we would have liked.

Most of the things we tell others when dealing with grief or experiencing grief are are what Help-Guide considers a Myth, An example of what we might say to others is to “Be strong” In the face of loss. However this isn’t always the case everyone works in a different way, Unfortunately this is also one of the factor’s that determine the length we grief. But lets get to the main reason we grief the emotional connection with the person you lost. An interesting quote from EMB an empowering blogger who shares her personal experience with grief is “The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief and the pain will be”. However not everyone feels the same thing when facing a loss, Having said this people who don’t really tend to show any emotion “visually” still feel this loss.

Now for what I think on this matter is everyone feels grief even if its not for a person, It could be for a long time companion like a pet. I also think that everyone has a right to grief and not to grief, Whether you choose to show these emotions is entirely up-to you. their isn’t a time period for grief, their isn’t a specific way to grieve, And choosing to accept a persons death doesn’t mean your forgetting them. I personally think that we all need to experience this feeling because it is this feeling that lets us grow.

Finally opening the window
Under a New light



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