Everyone is Equal

It doesn’t matter who you are. We all have something deeper in common this emotional connection towards someone you may hold dear whether this bond is shared with either friends or family is entirely up to you. however the loss of a this person, or a group of people you hold dear can be emotionally catastrophic whether it is expressed in the form of self-harm or the shutting one’s self off from the rest of the world, these explosive feelings can sometimes bee too much. In fact these feelings can be so overwhelming that it starts to affect even those around you,  this is where I come in.

I don’t claim to be a professional when it comes to dealing with something that can be so emotionally devastating, this emotional suffering sometimes called Grief. As much as I hate to admit there isn’t a fast way to overcome this feeling, however i do hope that my personal experience with grief helps you the reader, or encourages you to help others who might be going through this. everyone experiences the loss of a loved one differently just because you don’t see someone cry at a funeral or even show up doesn’t mean they don’t care, they probably just have a different way of showing it.



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